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24 March 2000
have tongues will speak

  Rolf practising (one of) his (two) future mother tongue(s): words to be repeated

23 March 2000
Languability drives the Contemporary Polyglot
20000323 links to follow

the mother tongue thing
Look at it this way: doing a Dutch weblog is one of the subjects for NQPAOFU. It fits in that way. To Paul, who rightfully fears me spreading thin, but OTOH kept reminding us about the Dutch thing, stimulating me to be Dutch, I wrote yesterday: 'For moerstaal I hope to sort of re-invent the Dutch language for myself and for the thoughts I had over the past years and have today'. Then there's this interest in personal publishing developing here, there, where-ever. Also, if I'm not helpingNL to develop some sense of information reality and dream time, who is? (I know some of you are soliciting—keep up the good intentions. Respect). I'm vulnerable to the lingo of change. I just love the gibberish and tongues and speaks of sorts. I can't help to mimic a good rant as soon as my ears catch its whistle. I can't help to re-invent it, to kill some clichés left and right, and walk over to the other side. I can't help to perform, even my I Ching tells me not to climb that ivory tower. I can't help my vanities and superficialities. Mea freaking Culpa. Unquote.

Next thing:'estpasuneblague, for that French niche. Have no peur.

22 March 2000
moerstaal found when searching for 'zus' ('sister'), on behalf of moerstaal
20000322 link (
Philagora, Les racines de Francis Ponge (

March 22, 3.00am
Early this morning the Dutch NQPAOFU double went up. Later we bought a small Grundig television set to finally hook up on the French broadcast, via a rooftop antenna, serving us 5-6 channels in total, including Le Cinque/Arte, the cultural German/French collaborative program. Arte yesterday showed not one but two Francis Ponge ('Ce monde muet est notre seul patrie') documentaries. Tonight it is TF1, the Champion's League football 8th finals: French Marseille vs. Rotterdam Feyenoord. I'm glad I don't have to discuss this on a job tomorrow. Meanwhile R+r are the happiest devils today, their free of school Wednesday, watching the toons while the set is on top of the cardboard box, still in its wrappers.

one picture is worth a thousand stories
It is remarkable to consider searching for a subject, by searching for the illustrations you anticipate to be used with it. I used AltaVista's image search to get me to pictures of 'stack', or 'storage', or 'pile', the day before yesterday, when I hoped to find the rules of ordering, which I did not find in a text search. Got a lot of stacks but no rules after all, but I was closer to a result in the image search.

21 March 2000
it's official
What can I say? We're ready and impatient. Today Laurent finished the dung and, with his wife and friend, milled the vegetable garden. Tomorrow when NQP enters its third year moerstaal ('mother tongue') will be up and serving a Dutch readership. I'm not spreading thin. It's a different gig.

20 March 2000
magnitudes of memory

newspaper stack
newspaper stack, chronological, identical objects, no specific features
20000320 links?

ordering basics
First decide between objects on display, or in process. Do you want to look at or act upon them/their information? Consider the moment of change between the two functions. Time the actions. What starts and what stops your changing relationship to an object? Then keep in mind to:

(1) rest objects on their smallest footprints, yet saving their recognizability (if balance allows, under local circumstances: what can stand should stand, not lie)
(2) stack objects by building up in decreasing sizes (compare sides for stand/support possibilities)
(3) place or hang (off the wall, off other objects)
(4) use objects to contain other objects or material (generally contain 'dirty' in 'clean')
(5) in the stream of things, prioritize objects: keep first things closest (include the direction of time/logistics/process)
(6) group according to need to look at or act upon (I keep rearranging books and objects in spirit with current projects; consider the span of a project)
(7) ultimately: 'everything sacred deserves a fixed place' (be critical to material destiny: trash to the can, asap—and always have your passport, some credit and keys at hand)
(8) remember: concentrate and store meaning with all objects and materials—keep your stacks readable at a glance (face it)

Pattern and path are the requirements for memory and voice.

Wrap and cover things for comfort. Don't forget about the umbrella and the sewing machine on the dissection table. Collect (books, bibelots). Leave a trail.

'Hola, my good friend'... listening to Ween, Chocolate and Cheese

19 March 2000
language unframed
Tonight, after dinner to be exact, before coffee, to be even more on the mark, straight and unanticipated out of the red, white, and blue I decided to real soon start a Dutch annex to NQPAOFU. I mean: this makes sense. After all, it is the language I know best but practice least (living in F, doing NQPAOFU in E). I have no anticipation of what it will be like. Not a translation of this outlet for sure. Some use of its links, probably. Some summarizing for the bigger pictures. Then there's a personal publishing market developing in NL. And Dutch language has a great history of gibberish and its appropriate typography, in Dada and De Stijl, IK Bonset, Fluxus, and leapfrogging all the way through the decades to include Letterror and maarwatishet?

Tapping into that tradition, actually continuing where I logged off, years before I started NQPAOFU, we'll meet again at binnenkort, eindelijk, mtnl.html.

wein: what else is new
Dug out a 50ft long, 4ft wide path through the vegetable garden. Got sun burnt. Almost chopped of the right ankle. Inside, I opened all the doors to re:connect the rooms along the south axis, now that winter is definitely over, and shot some long and deep pictures of the sun streaming in. Saw the Bruce Sterling bathroom/loo pics (the mirror shot is quite clearly a sxswinner, but whose vitamin B boosted #F8CB04 urine is that on the other pic?) Doctor? It sure's a blog eat blog world out there.

underhyping the Internet
Lost who it was who linked to condomized panties made in South America. Is it again the girl's responsibility, not. Market, market, smirkit on the web, who's the smartest of the drab?

18 March 2000
past parameters

Shadowplay screen shot Shadowplay screen shot 2
1995 Shadowplay (now:
left: top horizontal lines are '1953'-'2053' past and future, vertical is 'Zaak' to '50's', in 195 keywords/ right: pushed Shadowplay image file, skeleton giraffe and man
20000318 links to Dorothy Moskowitz and Skip Spence and Shadowplay and Mediamatic and Doors in the body

Listening to Steppenwolf, Magic Carpet Ride. Later: United States of America's Joseph Byrd and Dorothy Moskowitz: man, they rocked, even found Country Joe's Place on a Moskowitz search party... and learned that musical genius Skip 'Oar' Spence passed away last year April 16th, at the age of 53. Deep respect.

On 17 October 1995 at 4:06am Greenwich Village Time, I started uploading the only precursor to NQPAOFU. Hooked up through Chris Remie's local ISP (it was his first US purchase when he moved there to join his now spouse Tonja in Washington), from the compact Dutch gov's loft at the Printing House on Hudson St. NYC, to my 'site' at, Amsterdam. Rather than a 'homepage', the play consisted of two scrolls of data: one was two horizontal timelines, the future (unspaced, a solid block of a possibility space, be it of uncertain span), and the past (spaced, at intervals, marked, scarred), the other a vertical, counter-alphabetical, topical one, one line per topic. Years and keywords parametered my interests. When uploading shadowplay/sp to this morning, I found it was last updated (minor changes) 16 March 1998. I have not looked at it since. Is it a March thing? It's a recurring thing. The eternal promise of realization.

links disappearing, IDBB
Shadowplay was my first serious attempt at personal content for the web. Though I had been living up to my motto 'Living on the Face of the Web: it's only NetURL' since 1993, that very life had not yet been mapped on the face of the new medium. Shadowplay was very basic, and black and white, although I already despised black backgrounds. Mine was different and remained basically empty, a black hole. Regular updates weren't inviting at the time. The eternal disappointment of realization. I had thought out a conceptually sound, visually minimal, expandable, 'time based' and 'interest driven' work, low HTML with nifty features like VLINKS that disappeared into the background color (you do not need landmarks when you are on familiar turf, I reasoned—the past lurks in the shadows), etc. BUT, it or rather I, lacked the urgency, which was so abundant at the time in everything Net. So partly I drained my energy and ingenuity on Mediamatic and Doors and immature, partly I had not found MyFormat in the new medium, as usual combing the overlapping peripheries of art and design disciplines ('doing' art with a design interest in the recipient's experience, doing design with an artistic license allowing to largely neglect a user), until my supportive environments all collapsed around/into the Internet/www, on that memorable village morning in late 95. Whatever it was, it was a start.

17 March 2000
against determinism
20000317 link
The Literary Mind, by Mark Turner (

- Story is a basic principle of mind. Most of our experience, our knowledge, and our thinking is organized as stories. The mental scope of story is magnified by projection - one story helps us make sense of another. The projection of one story onto another is parable, a basic cognitive principle that shows up everywhere, from simple actions like telling time to complex literary creations like Proust's À la recherche du temps perdu.

the world as we know it?
How long does it take after the world has changed, before the world is changed? The information 'revolution' takes a slooow download, to penetrate the everyday. It may seem a walk-over, but the information fix will take forever.

Architectural critic Martin Pawley (London):

- Notes on the marketing of reality

(...) the world is on pause, awaiting the terminal decline of producer reality and the rise of consumer reality. Producer reality is tied to place: consumer reality lives in space. During the present interregnum we are living in both place and space: a private existence that analogizes the macro-reality of the city and the non-city in our physical environment. In this sense we can see our producer reality as an architectural construct, and our consumer reality as an informational time period. This is as unstable a state individually as it is collectively. In our urban populations we can already see divided societies, their collective structure riddled with extraneous information and penetrated by distant communications systems. These urban populations are part indigenous producer, part touristical consumer. Critical mass is moving from the first to the second.

(...) Community, locality, employment, all generate producer relationships based on physical proximity. These are being replaced by non-space-demanding relationships between fictional consumer bodies. At the same time the city is more and more being perceived as a consumer structure in itself, its buildings and open spaces no longer serving a producer population because such a population is ceasing to exist.

(...) Technological evolution has its own rules and its own policies, and those policies are not under the control of governments. They are under the control of computer systems that are forcing compliance with a machine vision of reality as though they were an army of occupation.

But the consumer will be the prime producer of information... (S)he will produce her/himself, as information. These productive physical/informational bodies will produce exactly as much as they consume, in informational drift indeed, at the beat of the upload/download pendulum. That's a story of our future.

16 March 2000
one in a row: attention swings
20000316 links
Telepolis Specials E (
Telepolis Specials D (
Latest TP special on Games (german) (8 updates this month) (

Listening to Hendrix' Voodoo Chile, ranting. Later: Love's Out Here, and Jüüzli, Jodel du Muotatal

Yesterday was written today. Some of it. Interesting business, to rant for the past. Don't follow calendars, folks. I might rewrite the past any day soon. So much easier than (p)re:scribing the future. Later. Need some fresh air right now. And of course I did not finish the dung, the other day.

15 March 2000
the territory is the voice
20000315 no links

shitting in the river
Voice claims territory. Pissing in the Garden I practice a lot here and is less cumbersome than Shitting in the River, like in Sabarmati, Ahmedabad. Yet its inhabitants and regulars manage to thrive and jive. The dry river bed territory has its distinct uses, all coming with inclusive or exclusive territorial articulation. It doesn't sport any fences around its particular businesses. Protection of territory is in unwritten rules and unerected fencing. In a shoulder-to-shoulder socio-spatial environment (excuse my French) people dig their hole next to another hole without causing the first hole to collapse. Is the hole a voice, that one does not speak up to? Is it only a solid soil affordance? Is there no use for either argument, or hostile mapping? Where did we in the West (excuse my generalisation) bury our nice convivial habits, when was this soft currency of understanding and solidarity in life's battles for work and sanity and reproduction changed for the hard securities of insurances, jobs, stock options, and other derivative attention. Where's the solid soil when there's no more here? (Pissing as usual, no alarmist agenda).

Habit is focus.

what went before
Paul on Alamut, 8 March:

- The hidden question: Is it possible to cultivate flow-voice-change as easily as pattern-garden-territory?

The two are inseparable. They feed on each other. Voice can not develop and sound without using and feeding on and informing territory, territory can not develop without being heard or seen as an added voice, casting information. Of course the garden is a perfect example. Here voice and territory are part of the same narrative, or ecology. Different creative tempers will focus differently and work along different preferences, which need not be consistent. Different recipients will focus differently, and see a voice build territory, or hear a territory's loud claims. Reception is not coherent and shifts focus, if only for the sake of change. If one has had too much voice, one needs patterns to co-ordinate—if one has had too much pattern, one needs clear voice to break the grid.

14 March 2000
last of the neoblogisms
20000314 research links
Jargon Scout (
eatonweb (
Peterme (
Cam's Rant (
SpellWeb (

spread the dung
After having the blogabulary of my chest, I spread the horse dung on the vegetable garden. Thursday Lucien will mill the soil with a cultivator, before we go planting. Today it's the 8th summerish brilliant spring day in a row, after another cold night. Note to self: share some more links I hit on my A4 symposium speaker scout and reflect on (landscape) architecture and them new tools and networked environments; look into the eToy(s) war. I missed that. Link to Telepolis for a non-EU audience.

CMR: expanding the blogabulary, or, spell check hell
Jargon Scout signals eatonweb's use of the B-word on 25 August 1999. Brigitte credits PeterMe, like he does himself. So far all's fine, we witness the birth of a meme. Like so many of us, half a year before I had been introduced to the 'weblog' phenomenon by Cam's rant on 26 January 1999. NQPAOFU was then 10 months and 3 days old. Was I happy to fall smack into a hot new genre... But now blog, like smurf, has a better blog about it than weblog. What to do but follow the trend and enter a fresh reality? Nudging it, slightly.

Today blogs are CMR coffee mug reality: their supportive environment is mugs, bumper stickers, t-shirts, caps, shopping bags—stuff the real world is made of, you know. As a card carrying member of the BOL blog opposition league, and rewarding popular request, I should sum up the additions to the blogabulary that I coin for NQPAOFU (BTW that's pronounced N Q P n O F U) to date, in order of appearance:

Blog Ho! The NQPAOFU Blogabulary

blogbuster (25 August 1999)
'ceci n'est pas une blague' (25 August 1999)
bloglock (25 August 1999)
blogtop (26 August 1999)
mindblogging (31 August 1999)
monoblog (2 September 1999)
volksblog (15 September 1999)
blogheading (15 September 1999)
deblogging (19 September 1999)
blogstyle (linking) (22 September 1999) (20 October 1999)
unblog (29 November 1999)
doing the blog (1 March 2000)
blogabroad (2 March 2000)
blogfest (13 March 2000)
counterblogging (13 March 2000)
blogarama (13 March 2000)
blogabulary (13 March 2000)
neoblogisms (14 March 2000)
blog eat blog world (19 March 2000)
blog job (to follow)

(that is <AHREF="" onMouseOver="self.status='Blog Ho! The NQPAOFU Blogabulary'; return true"> to you)

Then we had ''breaking blog news' and the 'your blog or mine?' proposal. Admittedly, some are great and some are lame. They're all out of context and momentum here, which puts their autonomy to the test and suggests how fit they would be for reproduction, in other environments than their cradle.

As far as I'm concerned, this is my exorcism. Stop speaking in tongues.
Out, Ye Evil Meme! Leave, Jezeblog leave!

MEANWHILE, out there: blog vs. weblog, or, SpellWeb objectivity revisited
(remember all 'weblog' figures below include referrer logs and the like, as they did August 1999. 'Blog' is pure 100% blog)

Sigh. A man gotta do what he gotta do. My 31 August 1999 check at SpellWeb ('let the Web decide') returned the use of 'weblog' in favor of 'blog' at a 1,340/250 ratio (5.36x), at HotBot. Today HotBot is no SpellWeb participant, but FAST returns weblog still in favor at 23,436/4,483 (5.22x). A 2.7% increase in favor of da blog. Seems like meme penetration is underexplosive? Independently from SpellWeb, HotBot returns 983 hits on 'weblog' and 221 on 'blog' (4.44x). After these numbers, generally, at HotBot attention for the blog decreased by 0.73x, attention for the weblog by 0.88x. HotBot doesn't follow the trend and is therefor kicked out of SpellWeb? Or deserted? Hm. Anyway. Go figure go.

Now for the good news: gender gap decreasing. A FAST search on 19990831 gave a 'woman'/'man' 9,437,723/2,904,916 ratio (3.248x), today, little over half a year later, it is 15,586,240/7,225,529 (2.157x)! Eat your brains out, guys.

And blog where you blong.

13 March 2000
journals or journalisms
20000313 links in the body

'dear blog'
None of the journals which are on my bookshelves are addressed by their authors as a third party, or intimate friend. Gombrowicz, Kierkegaard, Musil, Pavese, Perros, Ponge —all use the ritual and regular and concise form of notes and remarks to reflect on the dynamic complicity and antagonism of life and work (as a synonym for concise I am offered laconic; Webster says:

- usage: {Laconic}, {Concise}. Concise means without irrelevant or superfluous matter; it is the opposite of diffuse. Laconic means concise with the additional quality of pithiness, sometimes of brusqueness.

third generation personal publishing
In third generation personal publishing, weblogs can go four ways. (1) the volksblog way, (2) the family estate way, (3) the literary autobiography way, (4) the agent-to-agent way. As with all distinctive categories, there's the mix-any-of-the-above-in-any-ratio additional way of debriscollage or de-bricolage.

wybiwyg: the volksblog
Classic blogging. The blog meme was maybe not invented for, but IMHO commercially intended for a certain type of confessional expression. It replaces the writing of poetry and songs of un certain je ne sais jeunesse, becoming very much part of 'growing up in public'. Items could one day start with 'dear blog' here. Highly promoted by WYSIWYB facilities like blogger and pitas and competition, out there in diaryland. Flirt da blog as long as you are unhindered by work, family life, age.

sharing the weblog over generations
The family that plays together stays together ('family' in the broadest sense imaginable, including any kind of relationship we are familiar with today. The family is pretty much self-organizing, not relevant by birth alone). Some weblogs will grow as true family estates, where one can return to mine personal histories, do cross-generational searches for familiar features, hook up to remote members of the tribe, share memories or do business. As of date I do not see any services emerging to facilitate such alive archives. Coupling digital imagery repositories and genealogical databases and community type of services would build a business, which could attract attention of health and insurance companies, real estate brokers, etc. Towards (still available? No it isn't and look what they've done with it. I'm telling you, and right behind my blog it happens... who wants family values?).

new journalisms
As a part of a cultural, visual and textual, media production, personal publishing turns away from institutionalized commercial publishing, or established art worlds. Actually having high-end content freely or at a decent reader/author exchange rate (not necessarily expressed in m o n e y, but in any, also softer, currency—exchanging information for information) on the web, will be part of the genre. As such, a weblog comes in the context of a broader artistic/literary production, and refers to it. It is a supportive environment, as much as it is a distinct thread, in an artistic fabric which uses multiple venues.

agent-to-agent information sharing
W2W information sharing is actually what has been happening since the earlier weblogs' starts. 'Links to links' is accepted usage, and its choice part of a weblog's voice. How to improve on the agency supply and demand? Some of it will be in improving a readership's feedback, and is part of the information exchange meant above. Some will be in experiments of a sort of collaborative weblogging: (temporary) shared foci, like they emerge occasionally today, like DW2, or the current SXSW blogfest. In both cases something 'outside' but very relevant to the weblog industry results in dense content sharing, beyond the occasional link spam that spreads all over too many weblogs (the-turkish-guy-forgot-his-name effect). Collaborations can take form in commissioning each other to do some special reporting.

NQPAOFU hopes to throw (2)+(3)+(4) in the mix. We're too old for (1), but I do hope R+r will be back with you in a few more years, when they decide for patricide and start counterblogging me.

sxsw reporting
No use to try to escape the facts: summer camp (Judith) is all over the blogarama. Take a search and hit on from them lists: potluck 1, potluck 2.

Better: wait and see what your favorite agent(e) laconically puts out in the next couple of days, after the Miller Lite and Jim Beam have evaporated behind their boxes.

Hm. I wasn't gonna write today's entry. But I just did. QEDIWYG.

12 March 2000
personal correspondence
20000312 link
For Those Around My Country This Summer, check your itinerary for its Vide Greniers (

Very early we left for the first vide grenier of the season, in Dye, a 1+ hour drive, behind Chablis. On the way there we got lost amidst the vineyards, where spring is very clean, but the roads bumpy. We leisurely spent the morning, shopping for whatever, just an excuse to browse people's belongings, flip books on French bourgeois history or early 20C machine parts, search for woodworm in table legs, buy new tool handles, because the worm ate the old ones, meet up with our brocanteuse of Corbigny, who guided us here in the first place, and later delivered the 30s folding screen G. acquired with one of her colleagues. It's as small a circle, like any. The stuffed fox we'll sell to Adriaan, who will triple the price and sell it from his Amsterdam shop presumably to some bored interior decorator from het Gooi. I love the market.

Returning home we find the vegetable garden having been ploughed by Lucien, the owner of Coco the horse. After lunch I sleep for two hours 4-6, dreaming incoherently. These are the best hours in bed. Tonight I finally do two longer personal emails, one of which is to Jo. I sing praise 'living from my storage' in the 90cw room, looking out of my belongings, books, media, hardware, into the world, over the cyclamen. Keep it real. Then I just read 'first American painter' Jackson Pollock's work was only first exhibited in Europe at the Vienna Biennial in 1948. Some developments have really sped up and spread out, in the second half of 20C. Matisse was quoted in 1933, upon returning from a visit to the US:

- Vous comprendrez, quand vous verrez l'Amérique, qu'un jour ils auront des peintres, parce que ce n'est pas possible, dans un pays pareil, qui offre des spectacles visuels aussi éblouissants, qu'il n'y ait pas de peintres un jour.

Remembering painting to be the visual medium par excéllence.

11 March 2000
rebuilding studio realities

left: the 90cw_room blogmachine; right: lighter_shade_of_blue wystaria bud, planted 10 March 2000 on the stable's sxsw wall
20000311 links
Sustainable Agriculture and Gardening Suppliers at (
Abundant Life Seed Foundation's World Seed Fund (
Rural Advancement Foundation International (
Vegetable, animator or terminator?, in (meta)Mute#12 (

studio visit
I mapped the extended plot for the vegetable garden. It is some 400+sqm, if we use all of it. Last year's experimental adhoc planting was quite successful, now we are planning it for the coming years to grow out to be the main vegetable source for the family of 4 + friends, which means using at least 250sqm, which is also the maximum surface one person can maintain single-handed, part time. We plant for quality, which is a lot of study and maintenance, planning seasons ahead. I want to use the second fresh water source for a wet garden, to grow eg. cresson (watercress). Around the source previously a wet bed had been constructed, in concrete, but it is in ruins. Over the past days I dug it up—'garden archaeology', it crossed my mind, as when we find plant material that dates before us, both wild and sown by the previous owner. The lawn, in front of the house, is covered with innumerable tufts of chive.

storming the reality studio
Today began trout fishing season, forcing us to bear with the typical love of the French for live bait and its cuisinabilities. We'll chase the occasional pêcheur from our land. Hunting and fishing are private here. Generally the owner is respected, but they go wild with disbelief when they hear that we don't fish the mill's waters. What a waste.

So we continued hard labor and in the afternoon built a fire from the debris which we pulled up from the Beuvron border. We cleaned it empty of young wood, opening the view before summer sets in with abundant foliage. I read on Alamut Paul has a garden where he stays in Vancouver. Good for him.

10 March 2000
nothing on the net today?
20000310 links
...all I can do for it is at least link to it, live: SXSW (
Pattern Language, the website, by Christopher Alexander cs. (

Just open any of the US blogs today and read their 'gone to Austin' signs. That's where all the brothers and sisters hang out and hire in this week-end. So us blogabroads take over the industry for a couple of days. See what deluge SXSW will bring the world after...

rebuilding the earth
Our world on earth, that's up for rebuilding, if we are to follow Christopher Alexander (again), hike that pattern. This is what he was talking about to the SF Examiner recently. Got here 'cause I was asked by the A4 (Arnhem Architectural Animation Award) symposium organisers to help them out on a few more speakers, for the 15 April event ;-) There's something about the conference mill that doesn't work, like getting chemistry right, or keeping the right perspective (duh..., there's too many of them, like in computationally animated architecture). They had invited everyone from Paul Virilio to Neil Denari, but overlooked some closer to home players, who I will try to hire now (not Alexander, though I would not mind to have someone from his tribe, to explain how they will use the net to rebuild the earth).

9 March 2000
back issues

NQPAOFU#1 screendump
8 April 1998 screendump
20000309 link
back issues in progress, (as of yet) dead end nqpaofu since 1998 (

yesterday's nqpaofus
Rigourous site administration. Which includes re:reading way before day before yesterday's bits. Wondering about the architectural mess that even such a small site as this can be. This dates from the early days, almost two years ago, when I did not build for Eternité, just dumped all online.

Paul's swinging high to Vancouver, John and Kristi have updated Doors with the India in the Bubble. Which reminds me (again, like they did) to finish my own decompression on the subject, Ahmedabad Letters et al—I was even considering a transcription of my paper 'Weblogging, or the Gentle Art of Agency'... maybe Gil has a few hours to spare, to transcribe the minidisk? Hm, nope. Need more time then. Always. Now that summer days and winter nights follow up on each other in the deeper Burgundies, I also have to spend more time in the field. Melancholy guided me back to Leiden this morning. I'm here today.

memory deep added on top
allocation to be surprised when you open a door, be sure to close it behind you, everytime
gezondheid 'de geest moet waaien'

note to self

nqpaofu memory high

is the sequel to NQPAOFU (1998-1999 archive), the weblog.
At some point will host the entire publication to date.
The current site serves since 15 January 2000. Welcome.

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